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Date: March 25, 2022

Baseball Study: The significance of prep & recovery work during your season.


Baseball season has begun and that means changes in schedule, weight training loads, and throwing volumes. As athletes progress into their season, the stress through the body and arm result in increased shoulder external rotation and instability, decreased shoulder internal rotation, limited overhead motion, limited neck rotation, forearm tightness, and decreased pelvic mobility just to name a few. These natural consequences of throwing lead to increased loads through the front of the shoulder and inside of the elbow, decreasing performance and increasing risk of injury.

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After reviewing our annual pre-season movement screens, we found 69 (19%) of 362 5A athletes had current pain and 64 (17%) were at increased risk of injury heading into the 2022 spring baseball season. Communication between athletes, parents, coaches, and medical professionals is key to early identification and resolution of baseball related injury. Many of the most common issues are best treated through manual therapy, functional dry needling, and blood flow restriction training aimed at restoring mobility, functional strength, and motor control. If you, or an athlete you know, is experiencing pain or concerned about the ability to perform throughout the season please reach-out for a full physical therapy evaluation. In addition, expect a weekly newsletter from Next ERA outlining tips and tricks to stay healthy during the high school baseball season and preparation for summer ball.

Written by Luke Harmon PT, DPT, OCS
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