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Lifting Weights

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Next Era is the premier leader in the management of baseball performance, recovery, and rehab. With locations in Colorado and Arizona, we have worked with players from all 30 MLB organizations, numerous D1 programs, and thousands of athletes.

Assessments & Programming

Team Assessments

Individualized Assessments

Every athlete is different, and cookie-cutter programs don't work for everyone. We assess how well you move and function to best design your program to enhance performance and reduce your chance of injury.

Team Assessments

The purpose of the Next Era Elite Baseball Care Assessment is to provide information for coaches, players, and parents to perform at a safe and optimal level. After discussing each player's injury history, we will assess them individually using baseball-specific exams to identify faulty movement patterns, decreased mobility, and muscular imbalances that contribute to joint injuries. If needed, we will perform orthopedic testing to determine if further treatment may be necessary.

Return To Throwing Programs

Custom throwing programs based on each athlete's demands.

Pre & Post Throwing Regimens

Custom full-body warm-ups and recovery plans.

Complete Athletic Development

Our programs develop the complete athlete. Your program will produce and enhance all aspects of athletic performance - mobility, strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance.

Enhance Performance & Injury Prevention

Programs that enhance performance but lead to injury aren't helpful. Our programs improve your performance and make you bulletproof.

In-Season & Off-Season Management

We provide necessary treatment programs for optimal recovery and performance.

Tommy John Rehab

At Next Era, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge approach to Tommy John rehab. As a leader in the baseball rehab community, we have experience treating over 100 TJ rehabs, from adolescent baseball to the major leagues. Rather than following basic surgeon protocols, we utilize a fully customized approach based on the latest medical and sports performance community research. Most importantly, our experience allows us to map out your recovery with fewer setbacks and greater expectations.

Programs We Work With

High Schools

Heritage High School, Mountain Vista High School, Valor High School, Arapahoe High School, Chatfield High School, Regis High School, Red Mountain High School, Cherry Creek High School, Highlands Ranch High School, Chaparral High School.


Colorado Rogue Baseball, Slammers Colorado Baseball, Colorado Recruits/Marucci Clubhouse, Styxx Softball, Angels Softball

Colleges / Universities

Metro State University, Mesa University, Central Arizona Community College , Gateway Mesa Community College

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