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We pride ourselves on the experience and satisfaction of our customers. The client testimonials below are an honest endorsement detailing our services as an elite physical therapy clinic.

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Amazing atmosphere! Love the vibe in this establishment. I come here after a physically and mentally challenging day and immediately feel replenished and refreshed by hands down 11/10 service by Dr. Nick and D.P.T. Robbie. I got to say these men are exceptional at their occupation and provide love to a young, growing boy like myself. The location is extraordinary, and I really enjoy coming here multiple times a week. They help me enjoy life. Thanks Doctors.

- Benjamin V.

Great experience and all-around fantastic care. Dr. Nick uses a functional bio-mechanical assessment to address your movement problems then fixes them with a hands-on approach. The most important part is how well he educates you on how to maintain the treatments, so you have less visits and longer results! Best PT out there hands down.

- Kimberly S.

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“Next Era has been critical for me when it comes to my rehab off the field and performance on the field. I started coming to see Dr. Austin with pain in my left shoulder that bothered me on every swing or anytime I laid on it. The guys at Next Era are very knowledgeable. Within minutes of my assessment, they had pinpointed the problem and knew exactly what we needed to do to fix the issue. Dry needling was a technique that I had never tried before but will continue to be in my rehab routine moving forward. My shoulder pain went away much faster than I expected. I am very thankful for Next Era and the work they've done. They not only helped me feel better on the field but have improved my overall quality of life off the field.”

- Pavin Smith, Arizona Diamondbacks

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Nick is instrumental in keeping me, an old guy with HS injuries, feeling young and fit. He keeps my gorgeous wife, who is a top CrossFit athlete and strength and conditioning coach, in fine-tuned shape. He is key in helping my 16-year-old son firing on all cylinders for lacrosse and football seasons as well as helping my 18-year-old son recover from multiple football injuries and surgeries and getting ready to play linebacker at CU Boulder. No one is better. Ask me.

- Steve V.

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I’m a competitive bodybuilder who experienced hip and lower back pain. After just one session with Next ERA, I already feel better (not perfect, but better). I’m glad I came here!

- Travis M.

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“The guys at Next Era have been more than accommodating during my time here this off-season. I came in with shoulder impingements, a forearm strain, and some nerve issues in my arm. Thanks to the detailed assessment and adapting to how my body felt each session, Dr. Austin had me back to performing and ready to go within weeks. Not only do they provide a comfortable setting for rehab, but they are also experts in what they do. Dr. Austin was very truthful about my injuries and provided expert advice to help prevent future injuries. I've referred multiple friends and fellow athletes (some Olympians), and they've given great feedback as well. I will continue to use Next Era for the rest of my career.”

- Daulton Jefferies, Oakland Athletics

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“I started at Next Era after getting hand surgery. Austin was awesome and helped me get back to playing ball quicker than I expected! My hand feels stronger than ever! Even after recovering from surgery, I continue to see Austin to make sure my body is in the best possible condition. I would send any baseball player in Arizona to Austin and Next Era.”

- Cooper Hummel, Arizona Diamondbacks

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“Next Era has been over the top when it comes to my off-season rehab routine. They are constantly making sure I stay on top of my treatments and arm exercises to ensure my body and arm are healthy for the upcoming season. I absolutely love working with them and can’t wait to continue working with them for years to come.”

- Logan Webb, San Francisco Giants

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“Working with Next Era has become an essential component of my training. Working with Dr. Austin helps me restore range of motion and mobility after a long season so we can progress and prepare for the next one. Next Era has given me the chance to extend my career and continue to play the game I love. Highly recommended for all athletes.”

- Sean Doolittle, Washington Nationals

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