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Patient Experience Model


As a family-owned clinic, we make it a priority to welcome you into our family. Next ERA provides an uplifting and fun environment to meet your needs. We operate as a team combining skillsets and a comprehensive knowledge base throughout the day.

Community Involvement

As a leading provider for sports recovery and rehab, we are passionate about integrating within our community. We currently are affiliated with most high school baseball/softball programs, multiple club programs, and various sport/strength programs to bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

Individualized Assessments

Each patient is skillfully assessed based on their movement demands. We do this by combining established screening methods from renowned companies. These screening methods include:


Manual Therapy

Utilization of Advanced Functional Dry Needling techniques, Spinal manipulation, various soft tissue approaches, and breathing techniques to reduce pain, restore movement, and increase performance and recovery.

Investment in our Staff

Next ERA invests thousands of dollars in our staff each year, allowing our doctors to learn and grow to provide the most up-to-date treatment approaches.

About Your Visit: What To Expect


What you should expect from your first visit with us:

Once you arrive at our clinic, you will first check-in with our friendly front office staff.


They will get you all the necessary paperwork (if not filled out already) to set up your appointment. They will navigate you through the insurance process and inform you of payment details and clinic treatment options. They are open to answering any questions or concerns you might have! To download and print our New Patient Paperwork, click here.

You will then meet with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy for your first initial evaluation assessment.

During the evaluation, your PT will ask questions and discuss your medical history, current pain, or injury state. We invite you to be very open and honest, as communication is key to helping us understand your problem. You will be going through a series of screening methods to help us evaluate your movement, strength, coordination, and weaknesses. The purpose of the first initial evaluation is to pinpoint the root of the problem. If anything is hurting or uncomfortable during the examination relay it to your PT.

Once you've finished your initial assessment, your PT will recommend and prepare a course of treatments to   ensure the quickest recovery with the best results.


Your therapist will write up their findings and give you an “At Home Program” to follow on your own time.

Once you and your PT feel confident about your treatment plan, you will head to the front desk to schedule your next series of visits.


The amount of therapy needed will be discussed with you, depending on the recommendations of your PT. We offer many convenient appointment times, but prime times and scheduling can become busy, so it is best to book ahead as much as possible.


New Patient Forms

Our job is to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality treatment to achieve the best possible results. We can contact your health care provider directly to provide you with proper care. A licensed physical therapist who has completed a master's degree and a professional license requirement will manage all individual treatments.

At your first appointment, please bring your doctor's letter if you have one, an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan report if you have one, and your insurance card. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to complete the required paperwork or download the new patient paperwork below and bring the completed forms to your first visit.


If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to call. We want to ensure your satisfaction and complete recovery.