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Date: March 21, 2022

Functional Dry Needling for Recovery: The most important part of performance for athletes.


Recovery is an important part of performance for every athlete. A recovery plan should include three components for maximal benefit: passive recovery, active recovery, and facilitated recovery.


Passive recovery allows for tissue repair and return to physical and mental homeostasis. Ways to achieve this include sleep, hydration, and nutrition. Active recovery, which is best reached through low intensity exercise, restores blood lactate levels. The final, often missing, piece of recovery is facilitated recovery. This type uses therapeutic interventions to promote restorative processes. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through functional dry needling. This should ideally take place within 24-48 hours after performance, targeted at sport-specific muscles and followed up with other recovery strategies.


At Next ERA Physical therapy, all of our Doctors of Physical Therapy are certified in dry needling and understand the importance of its use in athletic recovery. For our baseball players, we utilize long duration dry needling with electrical stimulation to the shoulder and other high use areas followed by soft tissue mobilization, spinal manipulation, and exercise to reinforce the restorative benefits for our athletes. The demands of baseball require a comprehensive arm care program, and we at Next ERA have perfected the integration of recovery into every player’s routine. Call to schedule today to make sure your athlete is hitting all of the components of recovery to enhance their performance!

Written by Kristen Belisairo, PT

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