Strength & Performance

Within the area we are partnered with PUSH Performance, a semi-private strength and conditioning facility built by athletes and housed within a 6,000 square foot facility. Push Performance delivers individualized training programs tailored to the needs of each patient/athlete that will meet the needs of their sport and body type. Programming focuses on identifying and fine tuning areas of strength, but also addressing and improving dysfunctional movement patterns. Correcting each pattern will not only improve performance, but will help in injury reduction.

The PUSH Performance Elite Baseball Program incorporates an in depth approach to training for baseball acceleration, speed, rotary power, explosiveness and change of direction mechanics are enhanced. Each training session includes pre movement prep to each ensure each athlete is continually moving correctly. Recovery sessions provide the body with the ability to regenerate after the rigorous demands baseball places on the body, preparing for the next outing.

Whether you are under the direct care of Next ERA Physical Therapy or simply wanting to build on your progress PUSH Performance will help take your recovery and performance to a new level.

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