Learn About The #NextERA of Physical Therapy

Connect. Move. Perform

Next ERA Physical Therapy was founded based on the shortcomings of our healthcare system. Currently, this system has resulted in a reduction of quality care where Physical Therapists treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause. By using modalities that lack evidence, following outdated protocols, and prescribing corrective exercises without strategy patients are rushed through appointments, hands-on time is reduced or non-existent, and multiple patients are competing at once for the therapists’ time. Furthermore, patients are only seen once they are injured rather than identifying the factors that may have contributed to their injury in the first place.

At Next ERA Physical Therapy we have created a healthcare model built on success and made for the future. Our outcomes are based on established functional movement assessments which emphasize movement rather than symptoms. Each treatment begins and ends with these assessments in order to target decreased mobility, stability, and motor control. Once faulty movement has been identified, one-on-one, manual therapy with a Doctor of Physical Therapy then focuses on resetting mobility, reloading the neuromuscular matrix (the nerve-muscle relationship as it applies to the surrounding environment), and reinforcing proper motor control through functional pattern exercises. We then spend time educating you on why you became injured in the first place and work on preventing future injuries.